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I have both mounted outside, under the soffits of my home.These cameras were very easy to install, and so far they appear to be very reliable, catching only the motion that I would expect for them to catch.Camera stayed on 4 whole 5 months of harsh Calgary Winter and I finally found it in the spring.I gave a little white did reset and was nothing to it just some bite marks from my dogs!

Well when I got home I set it up and there was the first problem. I searched everywhere on the site to find out what could be done. Little did I know that his suggestion would be moot, I thought Pro meant Expert. Anyways to sum it up two days of use and my batteries are at 13%. The "action" is usually over by the time the camera picks up an intruder and picks up snow, spider webs, bugs, etc. Get a wired system for the same price and skip this, unless you live in a warm climate and want to miss most of the action.

The geofencing feature really appears to work well, but it doesn't effectively permit for a second phone to be included in the feature, which might be an improvement for future versions of this camera. These are at best good for monitoring indoors or when the image is within 10 feet with good lighting. The reason I purchased these is they are totally wire free, this is the only appealing feature. Against my better judgement with regards to batteries I bought this system anyway.

Although I haven't observed any particular drain on the batteries of either camera so far, I did some research and purchased the recommended Tenergy rechargeable batteries for these cameras. They call these cameras HD but I cannot even make out a license plate number in my own driveway during daylight! Outside camera died after about six months and during a brutal cold spell.

I researched and decided ARLO was the best bet for wireless, outdoors, easy to use.

I have installed and used the system, and I loved it.

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we only turn it on when we're away on weekends to watch over our horses. if you're going to want the motion detection feature (which is the free feature that records 10 second clips online for 1 week) you might want the rechargeable unit.

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  1. The following part comes from Matt Wilcox' guide I use later on. We won't be using the desktop (we're going to run headless), and disabling the boot to desktop option will free up some system resources so the Pi performs better.