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Believe it or not, many FB engineers have some kind of free software / civil liberties background in their past, and most people don't seem to realize that A) they have options, they can and would walk out if they witnessed anything shady B) the company has enough fake scandals wound up by the press as it is, to risk doing something genuinely evil for short term gain, and have a former employee eventually blow the whistle on.One controversy after the other, during my time at Facebook I witnessed the chasm between the mostly innocent motivations behind a product feature, and what the press / outside world made of it.I think that if Facebook was caught doing this after they specifically denied it, then executives would probably be going to jail.I think if Facebook say they aren't doing this, then they aren't doing it.And unless you're saying you've audited the code repositories, you're limited to your _opinion_ based on the context you have from working within the company.You cannot say it doesn't happen with any level of certainty (as you've tried) just because you have access to the code repositories.I used to work there a while (5 years) ago, and I don't think you understand how this company works.There are internal groups where features are discussed and debated all the time, and even all hands Q&A sessions with Zuck (weekly IIRC) where sometimes hard questions are raised.

The SDK gives Facebook access to a ton of additional usage data which they can link together with anything they already have on your from their apps.

' but instead, plenty of FOAF-type anecdotes about sort-of similar things.

So, has nobody here bothered to check because they all trust news10as an impeccable source of technology news?

I don't believe it exists, or if it exists it was expunged some time ago.

I'd like to know from which website ABC News 10 has located this information!

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Why would they need to do that if they had the keys to the kingdom anyway?

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