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They'll takeover congress and the White House and shut Apple down. All those ones and zeros, they come from somewhere.China and Russia is currently buying up much of the worlds resources of the foundation of our digital empire. The HTML is fully valid, i tried it on a couple old dells and it worked on there IE6 so i am assuming it was a problem with the multi ie installation i have on my vm.The thing is: I'm having a logo of a company, but I need just a part of it. EPS file and I'm trying to cut the piece that I need out.I'm searching for hours now, but I can't find a way to do this? Is there no such thing a simple cut tool in Illustrator? S: I've tried it in Photoshop and it worked just fine.In the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Ed says he's not buying Keshia's claim she needs emergency financial support, because they both have deep pockets.Plus, he says she's not considering his own expenses in setting up a nursery for the kid at his place.I have great faith in Spy Mac, and fully expect that they will sink to even newer lows. attachmentid=19550 Even if you look at some donation programs run by major business, 3% is still quite low.Some of them are so poorly run that they may only have 3% getting to the people that need it. Open the class reference doc (UIApplication in this case). Search for the expected method or property (main Window in this case). If found, read the description carefully (some detail may differ from your expectation, such as - instead of , or a different letter-case than you expected). If not found, open the class reference doc for the superclass and go to step 2. If not found in any class or superclass, then the reason for the message is simple: the class does not have the method or property you expected.

Hi there, I'm new to macrumors but I've been on some other mac forums for a while now. Sounds too good to be true ;) How does it compare to an alubook keyboard? I'm a bit worried that the keys will not feel as 'soft' as the alubook's. I'm mainly a Windows user but I've remained respectful to Apple hardware but I can't stand OSX.Thus leads me to my question; Has anyone gotten or heard of anyone getting Windows to run on a Mac without an excruciatingly slow emulator?star for three years until 2015, opened up on his radio show about his ex's current divorce drama with Ed Hartwell and addressed any hearsay there might be about her pregnancy."There's been lots of conversation and innuendo suggesting that I might be the father of someone's child.

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  1. Also by this author: "Schooled", Wrapped and Strapped, Unraveled, What You Need Second in the Need You contemporary romance series and revolving around the Lund family of billionaires set in Minneapolis.